Useful information

from A to Z

Driver’s license

Your foreign driver’s license is usually valid for the first six months of your stay in Germany. Non-EU licenses have to be converted before that time is up.

Health insurance

The immigration authorities require everyone to have adequate health insurance in Germany. Please note that you must have insurance coverage from your first day in Germany. For more information see the Graduate Academy website or contact us.

Medical care providers

If you are looking for English- or other language-speaking medical practitioners in Jena, you can use this list.

Opening hours of shops

Normal opening hours of shops in Germany are from 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday, while smaller shops may vary in their opening times. Although slightly more expensive, petrol stations are an alternative for food and some other daily necessities, and are open 24/7.

Phone calls

Germany’s country code for international telephone calls is +49; Jena’s city code is (0)3641 – when dialing a Jena telephone number from abroad, omit the “0”; when dialing within Germany, dial 03641 prior to the local telephone number.

Religious communities

See here.

Student discounts

Enrolled students will receive a student card from FSU which you can present to receive reduced prices when traveling or when going to the opera, theater, cinema and museum. This doesn’t apply if you are only registered at doc-in. See here FYI.

Studying with a family

Studying with children is supported in different ways and by different institutions – see the Graduate Academy, Jena.

For further information see here: