Cooperation with the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU)

The IMPRS for the Science of Human History cooperates with FSU in several areas on the basis of a contract.

  • The participating “Fakultäten” (engl. faculty) have representatives on the Managing Board.
  • Members of both institutions are part of the IMPRS Faculty either as senior faculty with PhD supervision rights or as junior faculty without formal supervision rights
  • All doctoral researchers have a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) consisting of a main supervisor and a second supervisor, one belonging to FSU and the other to the MPI-SHH, and a mentor.
  • The IMPRS curriculum is – as far as possible – open to other interested individuals of both partner institutions.
  • The IMPRS is integrated into the Graduate Academy at FSU. Therefore, IMPRS researchers may use all resources of the Graduate Academy, for example, consulting service related to topics such as equal opportunities, conflict management, Welcome in Jena, or courses in transferable skills. The IMPRS coordinators will inform IMPRS students about offers and how to apply.
  • The IMPRS also offers additional courses and consultation services which will be organized by the coordination team.
  • The cooperation also includes the use of infrastructure of both partners (e.g. libraries).