The Doctoral Researchers’ Representatives

The doctoral researchers of the IMPRS choose a representative for each department.

The representatives’ tasks are:

  • acting as contact person for issues regarding individual doctoral researchers and the doctoral researcher body
  • representing the doctoral researchers’ interests as a member of the Managing Board
  • supporting new doctoral researchers
  • keeping an overview of events organized by the doctoral researchers

IMPRS-SHH Doctoral Researchers’ Representatives

Gopesh Jha
Department of Archaeology

Laura Lacher
Department of Archaeogenetics

Robert Tegethoff
Department of Linguistic and Cultural Evolution


Additionally, there is the PhDnet, the network of all PhD candidates and PhD representatives of the Max Planck Society. PhDnet was founded to improve interdisciplinary cooperation, to optimize doctoral education and scientific exchange, and to strengthen academic solidarity.

Representative for MPI-GEA: n.n.

Every IMPRS doctoral researcher is also a PhD candidate in the Graduate Academy of the Jena University, and is represented by the Doctoral Council of Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (DR.FSU).