The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

The curriculum of the IMPRS-SHH is certificated by ECTS. This connection allows comparability of training in an international context. There are three categories for learning outcomes – knowledge, skills and competence. All these categories are covered by the IMPRS-SHH curriculum with its three pillars.

One credit is equivalent of a workload of approximately 25-30 hours including the time needed for preparation and wrap-up.

Credit requirements of the IMPRS-SHH are modest. According to the doctoral regulations, a student completes the equivalent of at least 24 credits by choosing courses which are suitable with respect to her/his special area of study and her/his interests. In other words: 24 ECTS points correspond to 600-720 hours = 75-90 working days = 15 to 18 weeks. This means that a student can – theoretically – collect all her/his ECTS points in one semester.

PhD students receive a Diploma Supplement with information about their courses, etc. and the ECTS.