PhD students of the IMPRS-SHH typically obtain their degree from Friedrich Schiller University (FSU). The doctoral examination entitles the holder to the international academic degree “Doctor of Philosophy” (Ph.D.) or, alternatively, the German doctoral degree “Doctor of Natural Sciences” (Dr. rer. nat.) or “Doctor of Philosophy” (Dr. phil.). The degrees are considered to be equivalent.

Doctoral degrees are awarded by the respective “Fakultät” of FSU. Each Ph.D. student has to apply for admission to one “Fakultät” and usually the student’s main supervisor belongs to or is connected with this “Fakultät”. To ensure interdisciplinarity, the second supervisor and the mentor can belong to or be connected with another “Fakultät”.

The FSU “Fakultäten” involved in the IMPRS-SHH and their regulations are:

In certain circumstances, Ph.D. students may obtain their degree through another university. In this case, the Ph.D. regulations of this other university would apply.