Students & Alumni

PhD study and career development

The doctorate is the first step in a scientific career. At the same time, however, it is also a proof of special abilities: specialist knowledge in a certain area, ability to concentrate on a task, ability to complete a task in a certain time, etc.

Studying at the IMPRS for the Science Human History not only lays the foundation for a possible academic career, but also opens up many other options. The IMPRS-SHH therefore makes it possible to acquire transferable professional skills, which are incorporated into the curriculum and appear on the student’s completion certificate.

These skills include, among others:

  • project management
  • PR work
  • organizational work
  • third-party funding acquisition
  • presentation techniques
  • intercultural communication

Beyond the curriculum, the IMPRS-SHH offers many other opportunities:

  • individual consultation and coaching
  • career fairs
  • internships in companies
  • network-building activities

The IMPRS-SHH also endeavors to assist PhD students in the transfer phase between the submission of the dissertation and the start of a new position.