Successful defences

By August 10, 2020 PhD

We are happy to announce the successful public defences of:

Aida Andrades Valtueña: “Beyond phylogenies: advancing analytical approaches for the field of ancient pathogenomics”, 8 July 2021

Thiseas Christos Lamnidis: “Exploring the effects of migration and admixture on human populations through, time, using ancient DNA”, 21 January 2021

Ke Wang: “Investigating human population structure through time with novel computational methods and ancient DNA data“, 14 January 2021

Barbara Pavlek: “The Cultural Evolution of Coinage as an Informational System“, 11 January 2021

Thomas Müller: “The Emergence and Organization of Communicative Signals Through Interaction“ , 7 January 2021

Maddy Bleasdale: “Archaeological, proteomic and isotopic approaches to investigating dietary change in Holocene Africa”, 6 October 2020

Alexander Immel: “Applications of DNA capture in ancient DNA research”, 30 September 2020

Oshan Wedage: “New Investigation into the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Rainforest Prehistory of Sri Lanka”, 26 August 2020

Marcel Keller: “Yersinia pestis genomes of the first and second plague pandemic recovered from ancient DNA”, 3 July 2020

Shevan Wilkin: “An investigation into diet and economy in ancient Mongolia through multiple bimolecular datasets”, 30 June 2020

Michal Feldman: “Tracing past human mobility and disease in western Eurasia by the genetic analysis of ancient human remains”, 27 January 2020

Susanna Sabin: “Insights into microbial evolution and ecology from genetic analysis of diverse archaeological materials”, 1 November 2019


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